going green eco resort in bali beach

Going Green Eco-Resort in Bali

Going Green Eco-Resort in Bali
www.tokopuas.net - Resort Bali - It is no secret that tourism has taken a toll in Bali Island for many years. Although tourism provides jobs for thousands of people all over the island, some people wonder at any cost. Here are a few eco-friendly Resort in Bali to do their part to support sustainable tourism in island:
Sarinbuana eco lodge Resort Bali
Sarinbuana one of the Pioneers of tourism in Bali. It is built from local merchants that use natural ingredients and make every effort to leave as little impact as possible on the natural environment. The resort is only local staff hiring, and ongoing system such as making use of renewable energy sources and natural water waste and recycling and organic fruit and vegetable garden.
Kalisada Eco Resort
Located on the North coast of Bali, next to a large sandy beach, Kalisada Eco Resort offers views of the sea, the mountains and rice fields of a friend near the small village of Kalisada. Here there are only three individually designed cabins that comply with strict environmental standards. Natural materials such as bamboo and stone abound solar water heaters. The food is made from organic fruit and vegetables from the gardens of the resort. The owners also arrange delivery of a workshop on environmental tourism staff, efforts to involve the community in sustainable tourism practices.
Bali eco-residence
Bali eco-friendly resort offers another hidden among fields and forests of Mount Batukaru. Five unique bungalows are built to blend with the natural environment of the mountains. The land is owned by local residents on the island of Bali, several Australia invested. The necessary funds for the operation of the resort with its hydro and natural pools of spring-fed and organic garden, waterfall, and a system of recycling waste water, prevent erosion. Here you can stroll through the rainforest, enjoy cooking lessons and workshops and supports garbage collection in traditional villages near the Resort Bali.

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