cenderawasih is most beatiful bird in indonesia

prettiest bird in the Indonesia country

www.tokopuas.com – cenderawasih or bird of paradise is a very beautiful and is one of the rare birds, in the Indonesian state, home to birds of paradise is in the province of Papua. Here, ever found up to 35 species of birds of paradise.Bird of Paradise is sometimes also called as the bird of paradise, bird of paradise who are male has a very beautiful fur, bright with a combination of a variety of colors, ranging from black, red, brown, orange, yellow, blue, green, white and purple.



Bird of paradise to live in dense forests and plains, birds of this kind would normally appear at sunrise.Functions beautiful coat and gorgeous which is owned male birds of paradise, serves to attract a mate. When attractive partner, bird of paradise will directly dance while singing, the sound produced by this bird is very melodious.

cenderawasih bird

In the past, birds of paradise have considerable population, however, now, diminishing bird populations, is largely attributable to the hunting done by humans. In addition to hunting, because the other is due to continue in the forests of Papua are reduced so that the negative impact on the development of these birds.

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