most historic buildings in Indonesia

a list of the oldest places in Indonesia – country Indonesia is a country rich in a lot of cultures, and also the history of historical relics of the past. Until now, the historical remains are still there and stood up to now, one of these artifacts can be in the form of buildings, bridges, etc. The building is a heritage building in the ancient colonial period. Below are the most historic buildings in the country Indonesia:

1. Palace Maimonides

magnificent buildings of the oldest in Indonesia
Maimonides palace is the most beautiful historic buildings in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Maimonides palace located in Brig Katamso street. This building in 1888, and is one of the inheritance of the sultan deli Ma'mun al Rashid.
when in glimpsed, maimonides palace building dominated by yellow, yellow is the color of the typical Malay.
Maimonides palace contains many European crystal lamps, photo sultan family photos, ancient weapons, and there is also room in prison. Travelers who come, are allowed to enter and see the grandeur of the palace Maimonides.

2. Mesjid Raya Medan
The best place in Indonesia
The historic building was a mosque next highway terrain, this mosque stands strong, the grand mosque field located not far from the palace Maimonides. This mosque was founded in 1906, and was founded during the reign of sultan Ma'mun al-Rashid.

3. Gedung Sate
historic old buildings in Indonesia
gedung sate is a historic building that was founded in 1924, and designed by an architect named Ir.J.Gerber. building located in the city of Bandung , gedung sate building name derived from an ornament that looks resemble puncture one, these ornaments are top of the main tower.
On Sundays and national holidays, gedung sate visited by many tourists, to come into this building, the Indonesian people can commemorate the service of the heroes who have fallen during the war against the invaders. Gedung Sate is the place that is perfect in the tourist visit, the air in this place is very fresh and cool.

5. Lawang Sewu
The most ancient places in Indonesia
Lawang Sewu, or it could mean a thousand doors, the name is simply the name for this building has a lot of doors, and the number of doors in this building, does not amount to a thousand. This building has been standing at the time of the Dutch, in ancient times, Lawang Sewu building functioned as the office of the railway company.
The building is a historical witness during the 5-day war between train the younger generation against the Japanese army.

7. Taman Sari
most historic places in indonesia
Taman sari can be interpreted as a beautiful flower garden, garden sari is a historic building located in the city of Yogyakarta, was founded after the Giyanti agreement in 1755. In fact, the garden sari in the design for a place to cool down the sultan of Yogyakarta and family members from activities daily. The tourists and tourists who come here, is expected to enjoy the quiet atmosphere and recover from stress. In the garden sari, there are many flowering trees and there is also a fountain spouting water is very fresh and clean.

8. Tongkonan
a list of the oldest places in Indonesia
Tongkonan a custom home in Indonesia, the house has been there a long time ago, about 1000 years ago. The house is made by the people who still love the culture of their ancestors. Tongkonan homes can be found in the province of South Sulawesi.
Tongkonan made of wood, and the roof is made of bamboo arrangement of fibers coated black. And there is an ornament of buffalo head preserved.
The place is also very suitable in the visit of the tourists

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