most beautiful beaches in the country of Indonesia


a list of the most beautiful beaches in the country of Indonesia

Tokopuas - Indonesia is a country that has a lot of beautiful and stunning island, can fit all visited by the tourists, however, not all islands are managed properly, even some that have been damaged due to human activity.
In this article, I will write some of the most beautiful and stunning island in Indonesia, with white sand and clear blue sea water. And every island and the beach has its own uniqueness and advantages.
Below are the most beautiful beaches on the coast of Indonesia, fits visited by surfers and tourists.
1. Pangandaran beach
Pangandaran beach is a beach located in the district of Pangandaran, West Java. And is from Bandung to 200KM to the south. This beach is perfect visited by international tourists, facilities in sedikan facilities, luxurious and pleasant enough. As the presence of 5-star hotels, tourist facilities such as snorkeling water in a white sandy beach, waterpark, speedboats, and also you can also do surfing.
beautiful beach in indonesia
2.karimun java beach.
Karimun coast of Java is the most beautiful beaches in Central Java, this beach is located on an island named Karimun, this island is located in the district of Jepara, Central Java. A unique one in the coast of Karimun Java is the 27th island green that is still natural and man or people has not been in touch. 27 this island complete with white sand and sea water is very clean.
list of beautiful beach in indonesia
3.Plengkung beach.
Plengkung beach, the name of this beach can be due to the curved shape of this beach, so the Community around the call. The island is located in the district of Banyuwangi, East Java. The surf beach on the island is a paradise for surfers. You will definitely feel the atmosphere of the beautiful and fun.
beach waves for surfers
4. Anyer beach.
Anyer beach is located in the province of Banten. Anyer beach has beautiful white sand and the sea water is still clean. If you are visiting Bali beach, not hurt you try to visit this beach, in Anyer beach, you can do fun activities such as surfing, swimming, sunbathing by the sun. The waves are a haven that will make you never forget the beauty of this beach. If you are interested to visit this beach, the beach is within 160 km from the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.
best beach for surfers
5.Parang Tritis beach.
Parangtritis beach is the beach which is quite famous in Indonesia, this beach is located in the city of Yogyakarta, many tourists both local and foreign tourists who have visited this beach. Lots of facilities that have been provided when you visit this beach. One of the most interesting of the island parangtritis is the atmosphere at sunset.
best sunset moment in beach
Above is a list of beaches that you must visit when you come to Indonesia, in addition to the beach on the island of Bali, there are many beautiful islands and fit enough to fill your holiday.
The best and most beautiful island in the Indonesian country, heaven for surfers and tourism

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