5 amazing bali hotels you must stay

5 Stars Hotels Bali You Must Stay


16. 5 Stars Hotels Bali You Must Stay


Hotels Bali - Best Bali Hotel combines with beautiful landscapes and the characteristics of luxurious hotel services of high quality and facilities. It will make you to get unforgettable moment in Bali. The best hotel in Bali also is closest to the popular beach of this island destination. Here, we present a selection of the best Hotels Bali. Everyone has everything that you need to give the best experience. It is a dream on vacation of beach, a romantic getaway or island that has luxury in the midst of the lush green landscape in Bali. There is a dream holiday you wait to welcome you here on the island of Bali.

1. Samara Bali

For the newly getting married, the central plateau in Ubud area has many places that offer a smorgasbord of paddy green fields with a magnificent mountain backdrop. Samara Bali makes good use of the environment, immersed in a tropical pacific environment. Private and isolated, the complex is not directly accessed by car.

2. Komaneka Tanggayuda Ubud

Komaneka at Tanggayuda offers 5 star luxuries hotel at a great location with the Valley of Ubud. The place is near by the main streets with royal palaces, museums and art galleries, towns of artists, ancient temples, restaurants and shops. It consists of a collection of suites and private pool villas which is ideal for couples and guests that are the newly getting married.

3. Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

Located on the outskirts of Ubud and Gajah temple, one of the landmarks of Archaeology in Bali, the Chedi Club offers a haven of calm in the midst of paddy fields. A collection of luxury villas in Bali are classic and elegant architecture and decoration. The main Hotels Bali restaurant offers panoramic views over the swimming pool that is surrounded by trees and vegetation. Enjoy this awesome article about Hotels Bali.

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